& integrity

What We Do

Delta Cedar Specialties is an owner-operated, boutique lumber company proud of our six-decade legacy. Expert in the timber lifecycle, we source, select, sort, mill, manufacture and market consistently on-grade Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir in a vertically integrated company respected throughout the industry. We invest in our customers’ success through personalized service and responsive, flexible problem solving.


Cultivating a deep knowledge of our market

Investing in the success of our customers

Respecting our roots, yet always learning


Operating two sawmills

Offering diverse product lines

Giving personal service when problem solving


Getting quick data on cut and log sort returns

Benefiting from inventory control and analysis

Delivering lumber consistently on grade

  • Integrity and
  • Beyond the Sale
  • Extensive, Deep
    Industry Knowledge
  • Sixty Years
    of Craftsmanship
  • Integrated, In-House
  • From Timber Source
    to Lumber Sales
  • From Sourcing to Delivery:
    We Do It All In House
  • An Empowered,
    Expert Team
  • Value Driven Sawmilling
    and Specialty Products
  • Sustainable &
    Practical Management
  • Actively Involved in
    Timber Lifecycle
  • Asking the Right Questions,
    Always Learning
  • Investing in our
    Customers’ Success
  • Lasting Customer
  • Premium Quality
    at Premium Prices
  • Preferred Boutique
  • Always On Grade
  • Cedar In
    Our Soul
  • Rooted, Authentic,


Delta Cedar Specialties and our two sawmills, Halo Sawmill and Delta Cedar Mill, operate as an integrated unit. From sourcing logs on the timber floor through the manufacturing process to delivery, we do it all in house. That is our unique strength, enabling us to offer flexible and reliable service to our worldwide customers.


Fully integrated lumber company, from forest floor to customer delivery


Consistent on grade Western Red Cedar,
Yellow Cedar & Douglas Fir

Full Cycle

Actively involved in timber life cycle:
we source, select, mill, manufacture & market